Lindbergh Blue Printed resort shirt S/S - Hemden

Lindbergh Blue Printed resort shirt S/S - Hemden
  • 100% Gekämmte Baumwolle, Poplin, Digital
  • Der Baumwollstoff garantiert außergewöhnliche Widerstandsfähigkeit und Langlebigkeit.
  • Gemustertes Design
  • Feinwäsche bei max. 40˚C

Über die Marke

Lindbergh provides quality clothing in a relaxed Scandinavian, pure and simple classical look. Lindberghs collections are designed for men with a good balance of design and quality at affordable prices. The brand creates clothing for men who are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving. Finding something cool that fits into their lives. The Lindbergh collections are of course inspired by the famous American aviator Charles Lindbergh – also an inventor, explorer, and social activist whose nick name was the Lone Eagle – a man known for his pioneering spirit like the brand!